3 steps towards transforming your yard

The winds are in full force here in New Mexico and allergies are off the charts. With these unusually warm temperatures everyone is running to the garden centers to get plants. Don’t worry, you’re not behind, you still have another month to plant.

Before you run off and purchase plants I want to make sure you have a PLAN in place so you don’t waste money. Last week I mentioned that I am offering an ONLINE class called LANDSCAPE DESIGN MADE EASY. And yes, in that class I take you step by step through how to make a PLAN.

Some of you might not be able to wait until April 24th for the class, so I wanted to share some of those steps here with you today. Are you ready?


Step 1: De-clutter your yard. Gather together like items then eliminate the ones you don’t need. In the class, I take you through a 5 step process of how to actually do this. Afterward, you’re able to look at your yard with a fresh set of eyes! I like to say this process is eye opening!


Step 2: Remove any weeds. I’m like a broken record on this one! By removing all the dead, dying and unwanted plants we’re able to start with a clean slate in our yard.


Step 3: Gather the Right Tools. Like any project having the proper tools is the first step to a successful project. In Landscape Design Made Easy, I give you two lists of tools, my basic and pro list. Below are the top three tools I recommend for the garden:

Leather gloves: Make sure they fit well and hold up to wear and tear.
Shovel: A basic pointed tip shovel (garden spade) that is generally used for digging and planting in soil.
Wire Rake: A lightweight rake that rakes up leaves and debris without damaging plants.
That’s just little sneak peak into the class. Remember the class opens Friday April 24th . It’s a self directed online class, so the day it opens you’ll get access to the entire class and you can move through the Units and Lessons at your leisure. It’s all online so it’s filled with helpful videos, useful resource links, and a workbook for you to use as a working guide for your yard!

I’m so excited to show you what’s inside so keep checking your email, I’ll be sending out early bird registration info soon! Of course, if want to know more, sign up for FREE now to get on the list.

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