3…2..1.. it’s almost Spring time!

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Spring is 4 days away and it’s almost go time for our yards. Are you ready? (want FREE tips to get your yard tidy for spring, then click here and they will be headed to your inbox.)

First, a tip about watering. Be sure to deeply water your yard this month, at least ONCE. We haven’t had much rain so you’ll need to turn on those irrigation systems. (it’s ok, they won’t freeze. Just be sure to turn off the irrigation when you’re done) Or unroll your hose and get watering. (think of it as meditation.)

Second: I’m excited to announce it’s time. Time for my online design course to be On Sale!

I’ve opened Landscape Design Made Easy!

Is your yard everything you want it to be right now? Are you struggling to know what plant to put where and how to get the right dimensions for your outdoor dining table? Wondering if you should start a veggie garden this year or focus on getting your grilling area set up?

Are you done experimenting with things in your yard? Would you like to have more confidence when you approach your yard? Do you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do?

Let’s get you headed in the right direction with my class.

My Landscape Design Made Easy online course is now OPEN! So if you’re tired of wasting time experimenting with ideas in your yard then you’ll want to take this course.

Do you want more confidence when you approach decisions in your yard? And do you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do?

Then this online design course & workbook is for you.

This is an online Landscape Design course. It includes videos, worksheets, tutorials, and checklists to help you design your yard step by step. Topics covered are listed below.

  • How and where to get started in your yard
  • What tools to use
  • What’s your Landscape Personality and why it’s important?
  • Step by step how to make a plan
  • Plant selection
  • How to mulch, water and keep those plants alive
  • Outdoor living extras such as lighting, furniture, and water features

If you are ready to take your yard to the next and final level then click here to learn more about the Landscape Design Made Easy online course.

You can have that yard you always dreamed of and a personal landscape coach to walk you through the steps.

Let’s do this.

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