October To Dos and a confession.


588Alright, I’ve got a confession to make. These plants in this picture are all mine. I might have gotten carried away at the plant sales this year.  The plants in the top left of the picture are all native ones from Plants of the Southwest, the lower left plants are the ones for my container pots. Then while working on a Landscape Coach last week I saved a bunch of these baby yuccas. I’ve got most of them planted but I still need to write them all down in my garden journal. Here’s hoping your fall planting is just as fun! Then when your done planting you can take care of this list of garden to do’s. Are you as exhausted as I am just thinking about all this?


  • Lightly prune pyracantha but be sure to leave the berries for the birds. You might be wanting to prune your chamisa, apache plume and other large shrubs. Hold off on this until mid winter.


  • Hold off on watering trees until after the first frost. Then water deeply.
  • Adjust your irrigation systems to water later in the day due to chances of frost.


  • Divide perennials NOW. Carefully dig up their roots and replant with compost and mulch for the winter.
  • It’s a great time to plant your bulbs. Most nurseries have them in stock now.
  • For your pots, plant pansies, ornamental cole crops like kale and cabbage. They will provide color for another few months.
  • Don’t forget to stock up on perennials on sale and get these in the ground. I might have overdone it this year.

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