Green chilies for composting NOT eating.


583What do green chilies and compost have in common?

You know your compost is from the southwest when during the mixing stage it smells like green chilies. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting my local compost center, Soilutions. They do more than just compost but their passion for the composting process is what makes them so special.

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed into a soil amendment. Microbes reconstruct the organic compounds into a form that is readily available for plant uptake.

My friend Paulina took me on a tour and I learned that composting in large quantities takes time, lots of time in order to get it right. A year to be exact. At Soilutions they mix ground green yard waste, horse manure, stall bedding and some food waste. For the food waste supply, they partner with restaurants, stores, and schools around the city. Hence the pile of green chili processing waste from Bueno’s roasting operations.

Fall is the perfect time to apply compost to your garden. The plants will store the nutrients over the winter so they are ready to go in the spring.  Aside from compost, Soilutions also provides a variety of mulch materials including but not limited to playground mulch, forest floor mulch, and wood mulch. It’s my go to place for everything related to mulch.

ps. I am partial to their playground mulch which my Landscape Coach clients use for their outdoor play areas. It doesn’t attract cats like sand does. Do you need Landscape Coaching or are you confused by what that even is? Click here to find out what $197 can get you and your yard.

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