Snow Play…just in time for Sochi!

You may or may not know but my family loves the snow, we’re quite possibly obsessed. We’ve skiied at hundreds of resorts in four countires, three continents and hiked up mountains, ridden countless chairlifts, snow cats, snow mobiles, and helicopters to get to the best powder on the slopes. Our favorite book is called Snow. The kids recite it over and over again, “snow, snow just look at the snow” “do you like it in your face?, Yes, I like it any place!”  

Today’s post is an ode to snow, cause after a very long dry spell here in New Mexico it is once again snowing.


BrowngreenandmoresnowplaysleddingFun snow activities to get you outside and playing. 

SNOW DRAWING. Use sticks, rulers, yardsticks, dowels and get the kids drawing!

SNOW MOLDS. Just like with wet sand, packed  snow makes some great molds. Provide a variety of sizes of containers for making snow molds. Use cardboard boxes, plastic funnels and milk cartons (with spout and tops cut off) Pie tins, muffin tins, and loaf pans create interesting shapes, too.

SNOW CASTLES. Castles are as fun in the snow as they are in the sand. Add old dolls to enhance the play.

Kids love SLEDDING, which can be as simple as finding a nearby hill at a park and grabbing a big box or as complex as driving into the mountains with proper sleds. We enjoy the foam sleds with side grips.

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning SKIING. Albeit it’s a little more involved, it offers a fun winter outdoor activity for the entire family.  


BrowngreenmoresnowplayskiNow get outside and play.

ps. Don’t forget the hot chocolate!



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