I’m so proud of my clients over all these years, they constantly amaze me with their projects. Every project I’ve ever done has been as unique as the homeowners who live there and I couldn’t be more happy about that. Residential Landscapes are about the people that live in the spaces making each space work for their daily needs.

Take a look at these fun projects we’ve designed and built together since 2012. We are unearthing your yard’s potential one design at a time.

Before and After Landscapes

Frontyard Xeriscape Conversion
Frontyard Modern Conversion
Frontyard Dirt to Xeriscape with native grass and flowering native plants.
Frontyard update existing to provide more curb appeal plus an area for frontyard living.
Frontyard xeriscape conversion with native grass and native flowering plants plus new seating area for frontyard living and mountain viewing.
Frontyard gravel and dirt before to native plantings, reoganized driveway and front patio.
Frontyard gravel and boulder to organic mulch, native plantings and native ornamental grasses.
Unused gravel frontyard converted to new usable enclosed space that includes grass, frontyard patio and trampoline play space.
Existing weeds and dirt converted to backyard grass and playground.
Existing weeds, western exposure converted to new shade structure and new firepit seating patio.
Took unused frontyard space and created new frontyard patio with native plantings.
Existing dirt and weeds converted to new vine plantings to create an enclosed frontyard oasis.
Reorganized space to include parking, outdoor patio, new outdoor shed and native plantings.
Updated frontyard to include space for RV parking, reduction of grass area for more native plantings plus new frontyard living space complete with bench for mountain viewing.
Backyard conversion from gravel to new turf grass with concrete walkway/trike riding, sandbox and area for playstructure.

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