A simple plant book for people like you and me


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A simple plant book for people like you and me. ($10)  60 of my favorite plants for Albuquerque and New Mexico. Each page includes a plant photo, and a basic description about the plants preferences including soil, water, and maintenance needs. Almost all of the plants in this book are well adapted to NM and are easy to care for. The book gives you just enough information to make you knowledgeable but not enough to make you cross-eyed.

Here’s a few sample pages of the book.



Here are some examples of the plants in the book.

These are 60 of my most favorite plants for New Mexico. The plants in this book are organized by:

Shade Trees

Patio Trees

Evergreen Trees

Large Shrubs

Medium Shrubs

Small Shrubs


Ornamental Grasses

Native Turf Lawn Grasses

Accent Plants


A few other plants from the book.


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plant book



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