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If you have older kids, do you find yourselves saying just go outside and play. “When I was your age, we used to play outside all the time in the neighborhood.”

Kids and their “free time” Where’d it go?  Longer school days and more homework, structured activities, “playdates”, and screen time. 


So why did everyone play outside decades ago and no one does it now?  Neighborhoods are DEAD. Kids need other kids to play with. You can’t play “kick the can” by yourself. But with all the distractions, noise and activities its harder to find the actual kids. Right.  Decades ago, we had fewer distractions, we were told to go out and play and if no one was outside we’d just knock on doors and make it happen. By the time the kiddos came out to play we’d have invested so much time and energy into it we’d figure out what to play. It would be loads of fun you’d be more likely to go outside the next day and do it again. Hence, we tell our kids to go outside and play.  But it’s not that easy. We’ve actually gotta aid them a little bit these days.

1. Meet your neighbors

2. Meet their kids

3. Share responsibilities

4. Bring play into your front yard. Play begets Play


504What are the benefits? Kids learn while outdoors. Socialization, problem solving, decision making, leadership, and reasoning skills.



Ages 3 and under: simple things they can manipulate water and sand

Ages 4-9: kids are physical, expressive and social.

Physical challenges: kids need to exercise rigorously, they need a large area to play {street, driveway, yard, park} for biking, skating, and bouncing balls.

Creative expression: chalk, mini work shed, water play with spray bottles and paint brushes.

Private domain: forts, tents, playhouses


506But all this might be TOO COMPLEX? Then do these 3 things.

  1. TRENDY Get outside in the front yard (play begets play)

2. TALK Meet your neighbors

3. TOOLS Get sand and water, chalk and a disc swing. 

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