Master Planning

  • Rio Rancho Bosque Open Space

  • North Valley Academy School


  • Roswell Parks and Recreation Master Plan

  • UNM West Campus Master Plan

  • St Michael’s High School Athletic Center Master Plan

  • Hahn Arroyo Master Plan

The Hahn Arroyo was redesigned to use state-of-the-art technology and sustainability based ideas to serve as a stormwater drainage facility where residents want to spend time.  The primary purpose of the rehabilitation project was to replace the drainage lining to prevent flooding, damage to property, and loss of life.

The team took a whole systems/best management approach to the project by creating stormwater quality devices, water harvesting strategies, and multi-use recreational areas adjacent to the channel.  The design includes stormwater diversion structures that remove pollutants and harvest a percentage of water into cisterns for irrigation.  The irrigated landscape areas provide shade, wildlife habitat and visual relief. Other recreational enhancements include multi-use trails, dog watering fountains, wayfinding signage and tire filling stations for bicyclists. 

After a series of public and  board committee meetings and presentations, the master plan gained unanimous approval of the overall concept by the AMAFCA Board of Directors.  

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