Got magazines? Let’s share!


613A few years back when the economy was crappy and I was home with my first born son I became a champ at thrift-ing and green living. Of coarse so was everyone else. We had gotten rid of cable so magazines became my go to entertainment while I was nursing. I’d anxiously await the mail carrier with my next issue. After many a conversation with my neighbors about this favorite pastime of mine, I realized they loved those magazine delivery days too.

That’s when I learned to just ask for what you want, I started asking neighbors if we could swap magazines when they were done with theirs. And just like that, hours of entertainment started being left on my doorstep. A year later I set up this Magazine Exchange bin to encourage even more folks to share. Fast forward to 2014 and three sons later, I cherish those quiet moments of walking to the Magazine Exchange bin to pick out my next read. What do you share with your neighbors?


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