Living Outdoors

People always ask me what I do. I’ve settled on telling them, “I design outdoor spaces.” Simple, right? I used to say I was a Landscape Architect and then I’d get a blank stare or the inevitable question about their rose bushes. I do know volumes about plants but I don’t do roses, so now I’ve just settled on: I design outdoor spaces. Why overcomplicate it? I have the credentials: bachelors of Landscape Architecture (LA), LA license, LEED credentials, Permaculture certification, 15 years’ experience and a lifetime of exposure from my father {yep, he’s an LA too}.

The exciting part is I’m going to share my knowledge with you this year. You’ll be able to come to this blog and learn a little about living outdoors. I want to help you create the outdoor retreat you’ll love. We’ll start Design 101 class in March. Can’t wait that long? Then jump onto my newsletter and get design insights this month {the sign up button is on the right}. As always, if there is anything you want to learn about leave a comment below, drop me an email or post it on my facebook page. I’m looking forward to our design journey this year.

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