Let’s dig into your yard…

684The garden magazines and intarwebs are talking spring dreaming. Last week we did our Landscape Inventory. Personally, I love winter so I’m not in a rush for spring but there’s no harm in dreaming. If you haven’t already, jump over to Google Earth and get an aerial image of your yard. Grab your inventory and the aerial and let’s analyze it. Review the list below and jot down what you notice on your aerial. 1.      Existing items: make a list of what’s already in your yard. Existing trees, shrubs, concrete, fences, etc. 2.      Slopes: Take note of the topography. Do you have high points, low points, steep areas, berms, swales? Mark down where the water runs during a storm. Does it puddle, pond, or erode? 3.      Views: Look out at your yard from your windows, then go outside and check out your views. Can you see the mountains? Is there an ugly house in the way? Step over into the neighbor’s yard to find out what they can see. Do you need more privacy? 4.      Concerns: Is your yard dangerous to walk around in or are there just some nuisances like street noise or a neighbor’s overhanging tree? 5.      Climate: How does the sun move throughout your yard? Denote the shady and sunny areas on your plan. Is wind a proble? Mark down its direction. 6.      Soils and Plant Zone: Figure out your soil type with this easy guide. Find out your Plant Hardiness Zone, so you will know what to grow. We’re just about done. Now for some fun! Grab paper and pen then spend the next 3 minutes (use your timer) writing down anything and everything you’d like to have in your dream yard. Landscape Analysis and spring dreaming done.

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