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Alright, so it’s the last few days of Summer and I’m wondering who out there is still struggling with their yard?

Did you raise your hand?

So I wanted to do something special to celebrate the beginning of Fall. Yep, because Fall IS the best time of year to plant. I want to GIVE you FREE Landscape Coaching. Yep. You read that right.

So today I’m kicking off a new challenge for the entire My Landscape Coach community.

And I call it: Landscape Coach Community Challenge

So no matter where you are on your landscape, back or front yard. I’d like to see what you’re struggling with.

Yes, that means I wanna see pictures of your yard!

One yard will be selected at random to win FREE Landscape Coaching.

The main part of this challenge will be to create an online community of homeowners working on their yards. We’ll create a group where we can share insights, ask questions, and help each other have a yard that reaches it’s full potential. I’ll be here to guide you through this.

If you’d like to participate I need you to CLICK RIGHT HERE now and we’ll get this journey started.

So to wrap it up. Do you have things about your yard you’d like to change? If you answered yes to this question then you’ll want to join me in the Landscape Challenge. You’ll have an opportunity to win FREE Landscape Coaching.

To ensure you get all the material, you must CLICK RIGHT HERE.

I’ll be excepting Landscape Challenge nominations for the next week. You can nominate yourself, a friend, a family member or whatever. Don’t worry we won’t judge you, deep down we want to help you unearth your yard’s potential. So stick around and learn how to submit your entry below.

Challenge Rules:

  • Take a photo of an area of your yard that you are struggling with.
  • Join our Landscape Coach Community Challenge Facebook group!
  • Then post your picture to the group.
  • You’ll then be automatically enrolled in the challenge and a chance to win FREE Landscape Coaching from Jill.
  • Tag a friend and challenge them to share a picture.

P.S.Click on this link and I’ll send you an email with all the challenge details. But here’s the gist: Take a photo of your yard, email it or post it to facebook. Done.

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