WATER: Don’t let it go to waste.


WATERHarvestingIt’s on like Donkey Kong, the monsoons are HERE and it appears they are here to stay. I’m thrilled with all the rain, my native plants are loving it. This is a great time to pull your weeds, but more importantly to check your drainage against your house.

Most of us have canales coming off the roof. Remember to collect and direct the water. Place a catchment underneath the canales to prevent erosion. This may be cobble, a concrete paver, leftover flagstone piece, or a vessel.

Want to take it a step further, then build your own french drain. That’s a fancy word for a hole filled with cobble that allows water to drain through. The picture below shows a french drain under construction. Stormwater from this home will be directed via a series of pipes underground into cobble drainage areas. These drainage areas are strategically located next to existing and future trees.

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