How to host a 4th of July party for people you’ve just met?


liamwatermelonAll this month we’ve talked about building community through friends sharing magazines, neighbors reading poetry or doggies quenching their thirsts.  The 4th of July Holiday provides a great opportunity to bring that community together with a PARTY!  Seriously, who doesn’t like parties?

How to host a party for people you’ve just met?

  1. Welcome home: Be sure to welcome everyone that arrives and introduce them to someone new.
  2. Give em something to talk about: make sure folks have at least one thing in common. Own dogs, live on your block, play at the neighborhood park etc.
  3. Cooks wanted: Everyone likes to feel useful so fire up the grill and delegate jobs to guests as they arrive. They’ll be happy to help.
  4. I love a parade: Whether it’s a parade, water gun fight or glow sticks. Plan in some type of entertainment.

Now sit back and watch the fireworks of community take off.  More about block parties next week.

The big Holiday weekend is upon us and there will be tons to do outside this 4th of July. Learn about specific holiday events by visiting our facebook page.

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