aslaannualmeetinglogo2016cmykwhiteWelcome to the Resource page for Trending in #Landarch : Strategic Tips to get Social Media working for you.


Jill Brown, ASLA, My Landscape Coach

J.R. Taylor, ASLA

Nina Chase, ASLA, Riverlife


What we’re learning today:

  1. Why is Social Media important for your business?
  2. Which Social Media platforms are out there?
  3. How are design businesses using social?

Questions to think about….

  • Which platform do you use the most often?

Facebook        Pinterest          Instagram        Snapchat         Twitter             Linked in

  • Why do you use this platform?
  • Do you use social media for work? If so, which platform do you use for work?
  • Does your company have a website? Y or N   Is it active?
  • By active I mean are you?
    • regularly putting up information that is of use to your clients (aka a blog, a resource page
    • surveying your clients to see what they want or need?
    • sharing stories about your projects from your clients perspectives?
  • Does your firm have a facebook page?

Quick tips

National facts and figures: Your clients are on facebook. 1 out of every 5 page views on the internet in the USA are on Facebook.


Facebook: Use a friendly tone when posting.

Twitter: A great place to build relationships.

Instagram: It’s all about the image.

Linkedin: An online resume + connect with other businesses.

Pinterest: A great place for inspiration.

SnapChat: It’s all the rage, jury is still out whether it’s good for biz.

YouTube: A fantastic search engine.


Are you a social media novice? (beginner)

  • Learn how to set up a social media account of your choosing.
  • Quick tip: Set up an account and begin sharing. Start with a personal facebook account. Already have facebook? Then get on instagram. Remember to use a consistent name or brand throughout when you are choosing your name.


Are you a social media sampler? (intermediate)

  • Discover the pros and cons of 10 different social media platforms.
  • Quick Tip: Post consistently to social media. Start by doing it 1x a day for your business or brand.


Are you a social media maven? (expert)

  • Replicate strategies for how to maximize your social media impact.
  • Quick Tip: Social media is an extension of your marketing platform so be sure to establish a strategy for it. Determine the objective and set up measurable goals.

Resources discussed at the conference during the Case Studies.

Case Study #1: National Landscape Architecture Month


  • 5.8k posts
  • 4.3 million people reached
  • 22 countries participated

Case Study #2: Large Firm

  • Lesson 1) Be a resource
  • Lesson 2) Document your process
  • Lesson 3) Start a conversation

Case Study #3: Small Firm

1)Business as a Brand

Treat your business as a brand. Use a consistent message and look to represent your company or organization online. Check out this article to learn more about branding.

2)Work your Website

Treat your website as the hub of everything you do online. Keep your website active and updated with valuable content. Collect leads by getting emails from potential clients on your website. Use Mail Chimp or Convert Kit to collect emails.

3)Content Creation

Create great content for your website for your clients. Listen to your clients and survey your clients to learn what they are interested in. Be the teacher and set your firm up as the expert. Use Survey Monkey for gathering data.

4)Promote on Social Media

Have a strategy when you approach social media. Be consistent whether you post once a week or every day. Promote all your valuable content.

5)Timesaving Tips and Tools

Great resources for scheduling. Hootsuite, IFTTT, Meet Edgar, Buffer, and CoSchedule

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