Tuesday To Dos: September To do’s

595Great use of native plants! Catmint, salvia, cotoneaster, sunflowers, chocolate flower, and plumbago all under a multi-trunk desert willow.

Watering: Adjust your watering schedule for rainy weather.  Add mulch where plants are drying out too quickly. Generally, water established trees and shrubs every 10 to 14 days deeply. Vegetable gardens should be watered at least 2-3x per week.

Pruning: Prune honeysuckle when it finishes blooming. There’s no longer the need to pinch back mums. You may trim evergreen and hedge type plants lightly now.

Planting: Get planning. Take a look at your garden and see what areas you’d like to adjust for next year. September and October will be the best months to add new plants. Remove weeds on a daily basis especially after a good rain.

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