Tuesday Tips: March Garden to do’s

Monthly Garden To Do’s: Cleaning: Finish cleaning your garden beds. Watering: Increase the watering to 3-4 times per month. Pruning: Finish pruning trees and summer-flowering shrubs. Roses and grape vines can be pruned late in the season. Raspberries and other fruit bramble shrubs can be pruned … [Read more...]

What’s your Landscape Personality?

(Mostly a's) (Mostly b's) (Mostly c's) (Mostly d's) CONGRATS on taking the Quiz!  Click on your personality and search the design boards to see what garden resonates with you! WARNING...You are going to be bursting with ideas, so grab the brainstorming list from last week, add your … [Read more...]

Welcome ABQ Home Expo Friends!

  Welcome to my blog, so glad for you to join me here. Did you take the Landscape Personality Quiz? What's yours? Need the Quiz, go here. Wanna learn more, click on the Landscape Personalities below and get inspired. Let's make this a great year for your … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tip’s: Sustainable Trash

Want to live more “green”, start simple. Arm yourself with a reusable water bottle and some grocery totes. Feeling gutsy, then make or get a few cloth bags for the bulk bins and reusable jars for your meats and cheeses. I know, it’s crazy talk but just watch your trash dwindle! … [Read more...]

Grab a chair for this design lesson.

  Find a window that looks out onto a part of your yard. Set up a chair for a few days and peer out that window at varying times throughout the day. What can be seen from there? What shapes, colors and textures are interesting? How do you use this space? How often does it get sunlight? Is it … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tip’s: Design Tip

  Design Tip: Create year-round interest in your garden. ·        Plant complimentary colors together – yellow/purple, red/green, blue/orange ·        Incorporate plant combinations that bloom during different times of the year. ·        Plant a variety of foliage types and … [Read more...]