Best blog posts of 2015!

Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a great start. My kiddos are back at school tomorrow (fingers crossed there is no snow delay) and I'm looking forward to getting into my weekly routine. 2015 was a big year here at I started the year by re-vamping the branding, … [Read more...]

How to host a Halloween party and NOT freeze your ass off.

Yes, it's almost November and the weather is chilly, most outdoor grilling parties have come to a close and moved indoors for tailgating. I'd like us to all go back outdoors for one last bash. Halloween is a big holiday on our block for both kids and adults. Because Halloween is on a Saturday … [Read more...]

Best back to school porch pictures!

It's been a long time tradition to photograph the first day of school. Have you noticed how most of the pictures are taken outside, either on the front porch, by the front door or in the yard? Well, that’s where I come in with some tips to spruce up your front porch so you can take those awesome … [Read more...]


  Just a short post here to say THANKS for a wonderful FIRST year of blogging. Its been a pleasure doing this blog and sharing my passions for Living Outdoors, Places to Play, Sustainable Design and Building Community with all of you. I look forward to continue to bring you content you find … [Read more...]

How to host a 4th of July party for people you’ve just met?

  All this month we've talked about building community through friends sharing magazines, neighbors reading poetry or doggies quenching their thirsts.  The 4th of July Holiday provides a great opportunity to bring that community together with a PARTY!  Seriously, who doesn't like … [Read more...]

There once was a man from Nantucket…..

I'm back from a very restful trip to Nantucket. As I was preparing to write this blog post, I'm reminded that no matter where we go we are surrounded by community. Whether it is a community of friends on vacation, tourists on bicycles, or fisherman on their skiffs. Each represent a different type of … [Read more...]

Ready set BOMB….Guerilla Gardening Made Easy with DIY seed bombs.

  Vacant lots run rampant throughout cities. Additionally, the bland brownscape of the Southwest could use some revamping. Why not liven up your neighborhood lot with a seed bomb? What is a Seed Bomb? Not only did the 70's bring us disco, lava lamps and Happy Faces; the oil crisis … [Read more...]

What’s your Landscape Personality?

(Mostly a's) (Mostly b's) (Mostly c's) (Mostly d's) CONGRATS on taking the Quiz!  Click on your personality and search the design boards to see what garden resonates with you! WARNING...You are going to be bursting with ideas, so grab the brainstorming list from last week, add your … [Read more...]

Welcome ABQ Home Expo Friends!

  Welcome to my blog, so glad for you to join me here. Did you take the Landscape Personality Quiz? What's yours? Need the Quiz, go here. Wanna learn more, click on the Landscape Personalities below and get inspired. Let's make this a great year for your … [Read more...]